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Fonera 2.0 and Interceptor - 3G possibilities?


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It's actually funny that I was discussing this weeks before I had even heard of Hak.5 or the Interceptor itself was a near-similar idea with a small twist:

Why not integrate 3G via, say, a USB modem into the design? Verizon's DayPass is only $15/day for unlimited usage. I mean, I understand the modems are expensive and so is service, but wouldn't 3G connectivity make for even more fun when you don't even have to be nearby your target?

The device could simply use a VPN link to join itself to a home VPN to capture traffic. Or, perhaps, it could capture a days' worth of traffic (stored on a flash drive attached via hub?) and uplink it over 3G to a server.

Plus, using 3G instead of WiFi and keeping WiFi off will reduce risk of an IDS detecting rogue WiFi in the proximity.

Or am I thinking wrong in my idea?

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3G is something we discussed but the problem is that one of the reasons for using the Fon is that with it only costing a few dollars it can be considered a "throw away" device, i.e. if someone finds it and steals it then you aren't too out of pocket. If you add a 3G card to it then that price tag goes up loads. If it were in an environment where you could guarantee that it wouldn't disappear then it would be ok. The other problem is that with wifi you are running at 54M, with 3G you are running no where near that. As the wired network you are tapping is potentially 100M there is already packet loss over wifi, over 3G you'd potentially lose a lot of data.

The bit about storing stuff on the device also comes back to it being stolen. If you have collected a days worth of data on the Fon and it is stolen, you are going to have to explain to a client that you have just exposed a load of their traffic. That isn't a good meeting to be in! I'd always rather get the data out to a place I control and where I can take good precautions on encryption.

These both assume you are using the Interceptor in a pen-testing scenario, if you are using it in work for network analysis then you may be able to get away with either feature depending on the environment.

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