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Strange Jasager behavior.. Or am I just an idiot?

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OK, I am stuck on this one and wondering if anyone has any idea what might be going on.

I have bridged the fon on IP In windows I can connect to the fon by setting my Ethernet to static and connecting on the .250 IP.

The only issue I see with the windows set up in under connected clients. When the mark gets an IP (I can see it in wireshark,etc) the ip does not show up in the "connected clients" interface. This is not a big deal since they are getting an IP and I can use hamster, etc.

The big issue is when I try to connect to the fon with a Mac or my Ubuntu netbook. I use the same exact settings, but neither will see the fon. I ran the angry IP scanner and once on the ubuntu box I was able to see (and connect) to the fon on ip as soon as I powered off the fon, I was not able to connect anymore and angry ip no longer shows any ips active besides (which is my nic).

I have the same issue with the Mac... scan with angry ip, don't see anything besides my nic on -

Anyone seen this before? I have tried flashing and reinstalling several times with the same results.

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I'm not sure about the problem but the IP issue is probably because you are running your dhcp server on the windows machine.

The way Jasager works out the IP for the connected client is by querying the arp table but if the IP is given by someone else then the arp table on the fon never gets populated so the IP doesn't show in the list.

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Thanks digininja, that is what I was thinking was happening in the interface.

Still really confused as to why I can't see the fon ip on Mac or Ubuntu. I have tried ip scanning etc with no luck. Might just have to install xp on the netbook and use that instead.

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