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portable ubuntu


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recently i've found out that it was possible to run a vmware version of ubuntu on windows as a portable app with pubuntu which runs as a normal windows app (in windows) yet is the full version of ubuntu (with a mild tweek for networking which i'll provide if anyone is interested) anyways as this is a full version of ubuntu it has made me curious as to the pentesting capabilities of such a application, by which i mean the ability to run pwdump while windows is running without a antivirus picking it up as a hack tool, other advantageous ventures would be it's use as a network pentesting on a machine that has it's boot list disabled. anyways i thought it has some possibilities here a link to a youtube video of it in action (just loading some stuff nothing special)

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yeah i read lifehacker too...

Portable Ubuntu is very useful though, kinda like WINE^-1

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