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  1. look into airbase-ng it does kind of the same thing as karma does except it's based off of your athros wifi card heres the wiki for it http://www.aircrack-ng.org/doku.php?id=airbase-ng i believe there was a presentation at shmoocon or defcon about it, anyways moveing on you could then venture into karmetasploit http://trac.metasploit.com/wiki/Karmetasploit; one thing that you might want to do though is remember to route the packets that get sent to you if you do this.
  2. recently i've found out that it was possible to run a vmware version of ubuntu on windows as a portable app with pubuntu which runs as a normal windows app (in windows) yet is the full version of ubuntu (with a mild tweek for networking which i'll provide if anyone is interested) anyways as this is a full version of ubuntu it has made me curious as to the pentesting capabilities of such a application, by which i mean the ability to run pwdump while windows is running without a antivirus picking it up as a hack tool, other advantageous ventures would be it's use as a network pentesting on a machine that has it's boot list disabled. anyways i thought it has some possibilities here a link to a youtube video of it in action (just loading some stuff nothing special)
  3. i'm saying have another fon outside of the building to collect the data in a spot easily accessible to you
  4. could you not run a external hard drive connected to another fon which logs all of the packets that the interceptor sends to it? we know it's possible for a fon to mount and write to a external device (people have used sd cards) why not a nas? (or when the new fon comes out a usb) this idea is the usual set up that a normal taping device has the bug sends the transmission over to the receiver a wee bits away and voila you have a tap, why not apply this line of thought with the interceptor, because in all reality it is a network tap.
  5. I am able to boot from usb using this computer as i have done so before (backtrack 4), however my question is where is the boot record on the usb because currently all I see is the .iso file which usually needs to be unpacked before it can be booted but APE might work differently.
  6. question i have installed ape on a usb and patched the iso but it won't boot, my question is what have i done wrong?
  7. thanks for the help clearing things up it looks like i'll prolly go with the regular fon 2100
  8. well thats nice and all but my question is what model is the 2100 fon according to their webstore they have the la fonera or the la fonera +. Anyways thanks for the help
  9. okay i'm looking at buying a fon and i'm wondering if which of the two listed on their us website would be the easiest to flash and put jasager on from what i can tell the guide is for the fon 2100 my question is what current fon model best reflects using this guide and or instructions on how to put jasager on a new fon model.
  10. macsdd

    Usb ram dump

    i'm curious whether or not it would be possible for a u3 or a usb program to do a ram dump on a computer. now we all know the advantages to a ram dump means that you could basically go back and find not only the windows username and password but also any passwords entered during the session, furthermore as i understand it it's almost impossible to remove these things from the ram without shutting off the computer. so i suppose my question is one whether or not ram dumping requires the user to be logged on as admin, and two whether this would even be possible via usb drive ( the size would have to be over 4 gigs i suppose)
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