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I have been trying to find this transformers movie from my child hood, it was one of my favorite movies of all time and I have recently come to find that my little brother had devastated the VHS that it was on. I did my best to salvage it but the tape is done for...

So I was able to find a scene from the movie and i will upload it with the post. So if anyone can tell me what the movie title is and any more information you have on it it would be greatly appreciated

Thank you in advance


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That actually looks more like a scene from the Transformers series that was aired on TV.

The only feature length movie that I'm aware of that's was made in that era is "Transformers: The Movie" (aside from the more recent offerings of course).

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That is the American Transformers series that aired from 1984 to 1987. There was a movie between season 2 and 3, but it did not have Sparkplug (the human in that picture) and Spike (the younger human in that picture) was older and had a son named Daniel. There's not that many episodes if you want to start finding them, they are all available on DVD, season 4 only had 3 episodes for a grand total of 98 episodes. I picked them up on VHS off ebay many years ago and was thoroughly disappointed by the quality, the new DVDs are much better.


I am a walking Transformers encyclopedia....

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I'm 98% sure that the father and son in the picture are from the movie I'm thinking of, when they are first introduced in the movie they are working on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean when the Decepticons hijack the rig. Another Major scene I remember from the movie is a battle between Prim and Megatron on top a big dam, Looks like the hoover damn possibly where they got the idea for the live action movie but it is never stated as such.

I don't know if the movie you are talking about about is the same one I'm thinking of, The only movie listed on the link you gave was the one where they are traveling the universe fighting where the one I'm thinking of is based all on earth except for the first 10-15 mins

Just as a tasty bit of trivial knowledge, Weird Al Yankovic plays Wreck-Gar in the new cartoon network version of transformers...

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Ok I finally found it on youtube! Here I had the three episode mini series for the creators to test it (web site to back that up, http://cybertronchronicle.freewebspace.com...isodeguide.html ) Here is the link to the first segment of the 6 segment installment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKTGgPgu3f0 . Hope you enjoy it as much as I had ... Autobots! Roll Out! (Always wanted to say that)


If anyone knows where I could buy this it would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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I have the Legit (proof i am a real fan lol) dvd box sets of every season of the show and of the movie.(animated and the newer one)

I still have a couple of G1 original toys aswell.

I would have thought it easy enough to find. Your local comic store will be able to get them for sure.

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