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Loved it in the 90s when it was on Saturday evenings before I was working for John Lewis, then started at Waitrose so missed the last few seasons. I'm talking about Lois and Clark :)

So as prices of old series have dropped in England I've brought a few, Friends being one of them, the whole set for just £50 from Play.com. I've now brought Lois and Clark.

Now to my question. I want to rip the DVDs and put them on my NAS drive so I can watch them across the network without the DVDs. Problem is I use RipITForMe, Handbrake or Auto Gordian Knot. When ripitforme rips the DVD, for example DVD 1. They've combined two episodes into one. So the Pilot and then the 2 episode are in one VOB file. So when I go to convert them to AVI, I've unfortunately got two episodes stuck together. Same with my Friends DVDs. Voyager DVDs seem fine so far as each episode appears to be in it's own separate VOB file.

Anyone know of anyway to split up the episodes when they are stuck in one VOB? If that all makes sense.

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