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I currently have a dv9730nr laptop. Im upgrading the processer to a T9300 or T9400 from the stock T5450 in a week or so. My question is hp has locked down the bios menu options. I have had a ccouple chats with some really cool techs at hp and they said there is a key to unlock this to the full bios menus to change clock and such. They would not tell me the key combo they just said check the forums or google it. So without any luck im comming to the Hak5 community for some info. Thanks in advance.

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... hate to tell you dude, but they were probably pulling your chain. There are usually easter eggs in bios but generally it's stuff like password cancellation and stuff like that. There is a bios floating around that gives more options to hp notebooks, but it bricked my friend's hp, so I would not mess with it too much.

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