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Need some help setting up my own proxy


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Hi all. First off Im not sure if this is the correct place for this topic, if it should be in the general security forum. If this is the wrong place I apologise and will delete the thread and re-start it. I should also note I am new to advanced networking.

So on to my question. Net neutrality has always been a big issue for me and it is one that has finally come home to roost. The largest isp in my country has finally made a deal with some of the major entertainment corporations to disconnect filesharers. Because of where I currently live I must use this isp and I want to continue to use torrents. The isp made this deal as part of a high court case brought against them; The companies will supply the isp with lists of IP's of filesharers using that isp. The isp will send C&D letters and eventually disconnect any of the customers who's ip appears on the list.

What I want to do is hide my true IP from the bittorrent swarm. I have been doing some research and the only way it appears I can do this is by using a SOCKS proxy. Is this correct? I have some web hosting with plenty of bandwidth and I am prepared to use this to set up my own personal proxy. I would like to be able to route my bit torrent traffic only through this proxy so my real ip is not visible to a cursory look at the swarm. Alternatively if there was a way to use the server to torrent as a remote machine to download the torrent and then direct download the finished files to me that would also work, but I assume it would require a dedicated host machine and I cant afford that.

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So with further reading it seems there might be a much simpler way. If I buy vps hosting running a linux distro I should be able to SSH in and run ctorrent, then just transfer the file to my local machine when its done. Is this correct. These are probably all really silly questions but I've never touched an os other than windows before.

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Yeah, a VPS in a territory like china might help. But in all honesty for the cash i would recommend getting giganews as its way faster than craptorrent and you get the option of using SSL for all your file transfers.

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