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Network setup including VMWare


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Haha i was reading everything in your post and agreeing totally, but was wandering where the debate actually was?.. Then I realized in my earlier posts i said to have a second NIC in the VMbox and have the 2 seperate networks on that same box. yeah sorry, i agree, thats a bad idea. I probably should have explained more. You would have a firewall (say windows firewall) preventing the untrusted NIC or network from accessing anything on the box (deny all). But looking at it now, that sounds unnecessarily messy. Keeping the one NIC on the VMbox and put it on the DMZ or in the Red zone. Then control access to it with ACLs is the simplest way.

You got it now! :) :lol: Have a look at the network configurations on the VMware server. There's so many cool things you can do with it. You can put a DMZ inside the box, there's a router virtual appliance that you can add and put servers behind it. There are some commercial firewalls available for the same purpose. If you have a switch that you can do to VLANs and trunking on, you can make some complex networks. VMware has done some really cool things with that area. It's worth reading up on.

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lol i agree... i'm the same. i can't stand reading books. I had no choice when i first started learning networking, but now with the plethora of videos and CBTs it makes life easier. And yeah, totally agree, most presenters are so boring and sterile... oh and those whiney nerdy voices like a cartoon character. My favorite presenter would be Jeremy Ciora from CBT Nuggets. He does Cisco and Microsoft Vids. He is gold... he goes off on tangents about watching 24 with his wife and getting excited when he sees the Cisco IP phones and when he was watching 'Firewall' with Harrison Ford he was all cheering because Harrison used the correct ACL on the firewall to lock out the 'hacker'. Haha it's good value.

Just found my Todd Logan ones about XP. He's another one with one of those annoying, weak voices. Why do they get these people to do video training. Technical skills isn't everything, sounding interesting is just as important. Annoying isn't a good selling point.

Why oh why, in all these to they insist on saying "Operating System", after awhile, me being English and them having American accents, it starts to grate :) (no offence to you Americans), but it would if they were English too. Why not shorten it to O/S ffs! :)

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