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problem with ssh


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yeah guys and gales i have been trying to set up a ssh serer and Client on my laptop.

i have a problem with loging in to my ssh server from my laptop (Win Vista) so i had my server running freesshd with port 22 then 443 trying differnt ports and stuff trying to get it to work and also port forwarding on my router for each port that i tried but very time i try to log in i keep getting denied access to the ssh server i have the user name in the ssh and pass word in there and the tunnling option selcted. any one can think what my problem is please help.

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ok first off you dont have to port forward your router unless you are connecting to your lan from the outside internet (ie.. coffee shop wifi connection back through your router to you ssh server). what client are you using? are you trying to run your sshd on your laptop and connect to it through the loopback adapter (ie.. or are you running your sshd on a separate machine?

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ok i am running he freesshd on computer at home. I am trying to access the ssh from the out side with putty and tried with plink on my laptop also with (putty it says access denied) and (plink will say FATAL ERROR: NETWORK ERROR: CONNECTION TIMED OUT) so i know it is not the wrong password when hear are the snap shots on my laptop.



hear are the ones on my desktop at home




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Have you actually tried this while you are at home? Can you SSH into it while you are on your LAN? This would be the first thing to test before you try connecting remotely with port forwarding.

Also, have you made sure you have no firewall rules blocking incoming connections on your home computer? Windows Firewall or something? You can also test this by port scanning your home PC and seeing if port 443 is open.

If all of the above is fine and you can connect while on your LAN. Start looking at your router and your NAT rules. Perhaps try port forwarding a simpler service to test it actually works, like a webserver, ftp or something simple.

Good luck.

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