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Yet another question


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Hi, this is just a question and i named it on a whim.

Theoreticaly say i worked for a company.. wepwnnewbs and wepwnnewbs has a website being hosted on the server everybody is connected to on the network is there any way that the users could tell the site was being hosted on the server? if you pinged it it would just tell you that it was live..and it is (but it shouldnt show up if you pinged it..but this is in theory) im sure this is a stupid question and il have a dawning realisation tomorrow :D but i thought id ask

oh and also if there is no way to find out, how hard would it be to write something that shows if a webserver is running on a target? (for penetration testing)

Meny thanks hak5 peeps


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Look at the DNS records for the web address for the website and then that's going to tell you who you are talking to for the website, if your connect to the server by other means then you already know where it is, then you can compare the two.

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