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Pandora Jar Problems Please Help


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I just installed Pandora Jar today. I installed Greasemonkey and Flash Switcher successfully.

I followed the directions, I switched the Flash to 8 and have Greasemonkey running. Then I load the Pandora Jar file, then load http://localhost/. Pandora freezes when it tries to load in the http://localhost/. The little "meter" that loads will stop halfway and about 2 minutes later a message pops up in the Pandora load screen and says "We are having unexpected technical difficulties. Our engineers are scrambling to fix things." This happens every time I try to load in Flash 8. Do I need to do something differently?

I tried all of this in Flash 9 just to see if it would load and it did just fine, but obvisouly I cannot rip any songs while in Flash 9. Is there a reason that my when I run http://localhost/ in Flash 8 it freezes?

EDIT: I just went to pandora.com without going through http://localhost/ in Flash 8, and it worked perfect again.

So my problem is Pandora will not load when I open http://localhost/

- I have Pandora Jar running, and it says localhost connected to server when I load http://localhost/ , but then the load just freezes and I get the "We are having unexpected technical difficulties. Our engineers are scrambling to fix things." message.

Please Help!



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It sounds like pandora's jar is failing to load the song (error in processing or something) and because of that pandora never gets the song properly.

I would just use the better method of Fiddler2 + Plugin, because you get stereo files of a better quality and it works fine with flash 9 (and java free, though does require .net framework. lesser of two evils?). see this thread for infos.

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