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SSH Email Rules


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At some point I'm going to set up ssh on my computer. My question though is how to stay safe. I don't want haxors trying to bruteforce me. So I came up with this idea. Send an email with your IP in it to allow access from that IP for up to 3 hours. All else would be blocked. Then I wouldn't have to worry about messing with blocking myself for incorrect password attempts, and I wouldn't have to mess with keys.

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Write a perl script that 'reads' email in a particular account (could be a gmail account) looking for particular things with in an email that tells it which IP and any thing else you want it to do. Have the script modify the firewall/SSH configuration and restart services as necessary. Then have the script create a scheduled task that from some hours from now runs another script that removes the IP address from the firewall/ssh configuration.

The script that reads email and white lists IP addresses will need to be run on a scheduled task of probably once every 5 minuets.

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