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reformating 8GB Flashdrives


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Hey there,

I spent some hours to burn a costumized .iso to my new 8GB U3-Flashdrive (Sandisk). Some Howtos shrinked my drive to 4GB, some to 3KB, some didn't even start to burn the .iso... I think they all based on the "Universal Costumizer" (even the known-to-work-for-8GB-drives--version didn't work for me)

After I repaired my Flashdrive with the Update-Tool from U3.com, I wonderd if this Tool could also burn other .iso-files. And, well... yes it worked :blink:

I didn't find anything so far about this.. so perhaps it's somthing new (or I'm too stupid to google):

After starting LPInstaller.exe, it's downloading a certain *-autorun.iso. I looked up, where this .iso is downloaded to and replaced it with my own. Then I told LPInstaller.exe to update my Flashdrive. Done.

Does this work for anybody else out there? :mellow: (I'm surprised hat there's no further check whether the .iso is authorized...)

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Yeah I too have a 8GB Sandisk Cruzer. I tried to burn a .iso to the U3 partition and it cut my usb drive space in half to 4gb I eventually restored it back to normal from the installer and it was back to full capacity. I don't know what to tell you. I know erased the u3 partition due to annoyance. Sometimes it would work on some computers and some it won't show up at all.

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