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Keyboard and Mouse for XBOX and PS2


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I came across this (see the link below) and I am not sure what to think about it. I was hoping that somebody has used and and could tell me how well it works or if there is something out there that is better.

I prefer to game with a keyboard and mouse and I would like to be able to do so on a console.



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The trouble with these is that they map the the normal controller inputs to a keyboard and mouse. The result been that with the mouse on a FPS you do get (some of) the twitch control that is expected on a PC, but you don't get a PC like control. They are limited to the input 'signals' that a normal controller can send. No matter how fast you move the mouse, you are limited to the maximum turning speed (in a FPS for example) that an analogue stick pushed all the way can do.

Set in numbers (I believe that):

A PS3 controller analogue controler has a 8 bit signal for each button/axis on the sticks. Which gives you -127 max in one direction and 127 the other (if using signed variables, else replace numbers with 0 and 255).

The way (I understand, so I'm probably wrong) a mouse on a normal computer changes the position of the cousor is by telling the computer how far to move the cursor from it's current position every time the mouse 'polls' it's distance moved according to it's hardware. This means that the mouse could tell the computer to "move the cursor so many pixels to the left" rather than saying "move the course at maximum speed to the left".

Is my point across?

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