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Slingbox like setup


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I'm trying to think how exactly I could go about setting up something like a slingbox. What I'm wanting to do is to when away from home remote in to my cable box and watch tv. I had planned on getting a slingbox, but then I thought what if I wanted to allow friends, family to remote in as well, being that I only have 1 Motorola DCT-6416 Phase 3 with 2 tuner's, I think only 1 person at a time could watch tv or at least 1 channel at a time.

The problem I'm not sure what I would need is I would like say 5 people at 1 time to be able to remote in and watch 5 different things. Would that require additional digital cable boxes? Also if I decide to get a slingbox and the need for additional cable boxes is necessary will 1 slingbox interface with more then one cable box and allow multiple connections?

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