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Google Hacked ?

Mad Pierre

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During thepast two week's,While I been using Google for the odd search. I've noticed the first few links have nothing to do with the link topic title. Like when I seached for a F40 Wiki. The wiki link. link to something else/

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It is most likely your DNS servers have been hijacked. I recommend switching to OpenDNS.

I (and many other I have read about) had this problem, but it turned out that the DNS servers I was using were hijacked to do that to searches.

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Actually, it might not be the DNS server at fault.

There is a hijack that sneaks into browsers, in my case firefox, that returns the proper results but translates all the links to "link-farm" sites.

Look through these forums about firefox and there are some links to help you get it fixed. When I got it most AV systems didn't trigger on it.

Good luck!

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