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RC Car Flash Program


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Hello All

Ive decided to make an RC Car controllable through my computer. (Yes this idea came from the USB missile launcher) Ive got the hardware issues all straightened out, but I'm only familiar with PHP and MYSQL. But what i need help with is getting a flash interface that will send any key press to a server on a given port. The server program I'm currently using is serproxy.

One problem that I see at this time:

If two keys are being held down at once, both keys needs to be sent to the server

If anyone knows how to do this easily i would appreciate it very much. And credit would be given to you. (as i plan on writing a how to for this)

Thanks in advance, any and all input is welcomed.

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I found an article. Although not specific to your needs, it may have some clues how the OP found a way around the problem.

What os/software are you using or planning to use?

Link here

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