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flash switcher extension to switch to flash 8


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pandora jar 8.1.1. stand alone.

i followed these instructions.


1. Install the Firefox greasemonkey extension.

2. Restart Firefox.

3. Install pandorajar.user.js into greasemonkey.

4 Download flash_switcher_1.0.0.xpi extension.

5. Open downloaded flash_switcher_1.0.0.xpi in firefox to install.

6. Use flash switcher extension to switch to flash 8.

7. Run pandora.bat.

completed up to 6. just dont know how to

Use flash switcher extension to switch to flash 8

i open flash switcher 1.0.0 go in to extensions

just clueless on what to do to complete these instructions

im so close, pandora jar opens i log in this is what i get

Waiting on Artist and Song info.

Waiting on Artist and Song info.

Waiting on Fan Info.

Waiting on Artist info.

Waiting on Song info.

anyone some help spent hours on this already.

cant wait to use this....

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no one knows how to help me?

theres no need for that with the latest standalone app, I set up the installer to do all the work for you with setting it up

just install java then install the pandora app and it is 100% ready to use

the text files in the installer are outdated there just left there just in case someone wants to use their own firefox install since the one that comes with the installer is pretty stripped down, with only a few basic addons like adblock since some of the pandora pages have ads, and some stuff to help it work with flash 8

and as a warning, please do not use the firefox portable browser that comes with the installer, it is outdated and is unsafe to use for normal web browsing use your main firefox install for web browsing and the firefox portable for pandora

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