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Streaming an Audio Podacast Live


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Hi guys, I've been looking to open my companies up to the web a bit more, the best way I can think to do this is to make an audio podcast then eventually go to video. My main question is :

I have a mac... I can't find any software that lets me stream directly to the web like SAM broadcaster on windows. I would use windows it's just a hell of alot easier to use it in mac. So does anyone know of some software that would allow me to do this, preferably free and oepn source if possible.

Also is there a way of streaming it directly to the web server then the webserver sharing it out elsewhere so my home broadband doesn't get eaten. I'm currently running on a VPS if this helps anyone?



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I'm working on a similar issue. Just not on a mac. Yes vlc can be used to upload and encode your content. You can use streamcast on your vps (maybe). Then from there its like any steaming content.

what are your vps specs?

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