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Unetbootin and SUMO linux.


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First I downloaded unetbootin and SUMO linux from here. I then used unetbootin to install the sumo ISO on my flash disk but when I boot, it only gives one option of "default" at the boot loader instead of the sumo splash screen. How do I change it back to the SUMO boot loader?

I spent a few hours trying to get it to work by editing syslinux.cfg and I was able to load backtrack3 fine but samurai, dvl, and helix2 fail to boot. dvl fails and gives a kernel panic saying "No file system could mount root" my guess was that the ramdisk wasn't mounting but I was not able to find the reason for it because the grub commands look ok. I looked at the config files in /boot/grub and tried to put the main parts into my custom syslinux.cfg but no mater how many times I changed the commands I always get the kernel panic.

custom syslinux.cfg

default vesamenu.c32
prompt 0
menu title UNetbootin
timeout 1000

label unetbootindefault
menu label Default
kernel /ubnkern
append initrd=/ubninit 

#This one works
label cubez
MENU LABEL BT3 Graphics mode (Compiz) - Experimental
KERNEL /boot/bt3/vmlinuz
APPEND vga=0x317 initrd=/boot/bt3/initrd.gz ramdisk_size=6666 root=/dev/ram0 rw chexpand=256 load=cubez autoexec=xconf;cubez;startx

#This one works
LABEL cubez
MENU LABEL BT3 Graphics mode (Compiz Nvidia) - Experimental
KERNEL /boot/bt3/vmlinuz
APPEND vga=0x317 initrd=/boot/bt3/initrd.gz ramdisk_size=6666 root=/dev/ram0 rw chexpand=256 load=cubez,nvidiadriver autoexec=xconf;startnvidia.sh;startx

#This one works
LABEL memtest86
MENU LABEL Run Memtest utility
KERNEL /boot/mt86p

#This one works
LABEL dban
KERNEL /boot/bootdisk/dban.img

#Kernel panic unable to mount file system.
label dvl
menu label dvl
kernel /boot/dvl/vmlinuz 
append vga=769 max_loop=255 init=linuxrc load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ramdisk=0 ramdisk_size=4444 root=/dev/ram0 rw initrd /boot/dvl/initrd.gz

#Added it but have no Idea how to use it.
MENU LABEL memdisk
KERNEL /boot/memdisk

#Does not work freezes after "USB mass storage support registered"
label casper
menu label Load Helix2
kernel /casper/vmlinuz
append initrd=/casper/initrd.gz file=/casper/ubuntu.seed

#Does not work unable to mount root fs.
label sam
menu label samurai
kernel /samurai/casper/vmlinuz 
append initrd /samurai/casper/s1initrd.gz vga=791 splash

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