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Using Virtual desktop resolutions in Windows XP?


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Does any one know of any software that enables the use of virtual desktop resolutions in XP?

I know there is a tool for the eeePC but that will only take you up to 1024x768 even if it works with graphics cards of the same chipset in other laptops..

I know certain graphics card drivers allow you to do this, but the computer I need to do it on is using an Intel integrated chipset (965 or some thing like that) and doesn't seem to have this feature.

Basically I am having to use some really poorly designed front end for a database. When every thing isn't been displayed because of the limit of the screen resolution it doesn't add scroll bars. The manufacturer is not willing to fix there broken program. A work around for this would be to enable a bigger virtual desktop that does allow the displaying of every thing.

Sidenote (so mostly not relevant): It's another situation where "if I was using Linux, there wouldn't be any problem".

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I used to use something like this back in 2003-04, it was the only utility i could find for multiple desktop back then. I might have a copy of that software somewhere at my parents. I will come back if i can find it (problem is i can't remember software's name).

There are 2 quick alternatives to such software:

Either you could use remote desktop from an another screen in a bigger res than eee, or you could switch a different Desktop Shell like bblean. Check this out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_desktop


After a bit snooping around i found the utility i used back then: http://www.nearestexit.com/sdesk/

Guess what it is called...

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I tried this program, however the program wasn't deceived by this. It would only go as big at the screen resolution.

The program is now solved however. It turns out that the Intel Integrated does support this by disabling "Hide modes this monitor cannot display" this shows all resolutions Windows can use and the graphics card automatically set the monitor to the maximum resolution it supports and makes the desktop scrollable.

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