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did any one took the offsec course in hak5 forum


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hello guys i have got a question .. iam planning to take offsec 101 v2 course from offensive security based on backtrack ... did any of the members took it in person with a classroom training stuff ... if so please advice me on how is that course built upon .. is it a proper use of time ?

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I haven't taken it, but from working with Mati and reading some of the peoples responses over at EthicalHacker.net, it seems its one of the most in depth classes you can take for pentesting and security professionals. People seem to prefer it over the CEH certifications because they actually teach you and then you have to do it to pass the tests, not just answer questions, but physically do the penetration itself.

Read this thread, and maybe ask some of these people if you are unsure if its time well spent. From what I hear, its not easy stuff you can just breeze through, so you need to have a good understanding of the topics covered and really dig into the content they teach you: http://www.ethicalhacker.net/component/opt...4/topic,1152.0/

Have you read their PDF covering the course: http://offensive-security.com/documentatio...ve-security.pdf

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Hi Rakz

I took the course "Backtrack to the Max" at Blackhat this year in Vegas. The teacher was Mati Aharoni (muts) assisted by Chris Hadnagi (LoganWHD) and I can definitely recommend both this course and the 101. Mati has emailed me and alerted me to the fact that the 101 course might be held at Blackhat Amsterdam this coming April. I myself is hoping to go.

I have some knowledge about the 101 course also, so feel free to ask



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