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My New Toy


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Hope that it does not break... If it does while being inside the port: Have fun getting it out...

I'm not a fan of these way too tiny devices... The smaller it gets the more careful you have to be...

But what are the specs? I mean, give us more food to eat... A tiny usb device we all have seen. ^^

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That was the original reason I bought it, I think I'm going to get the Samsung NC10 now (which has BlueTooth built in) so I might have to find another project for it.

Perhaps I could find a way to build it into a Fon armed with Jasager, I could get a bit of blue snarfing action going whilst I'm getting my MITM on :D

I bought a similar one off eBay for $7.95 including shipping. It works great in the Acer Aspire One.
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