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So i want to set up a nice little system with some encrypted drives using Truecrypt on a Linux machine. i was wondering if it was possible to write onto the encrypted drive without decrypting it? so i can leave the 20gb partition encrypted but still put files in it (lets say a download of my bank statement). but i wouldn't be able to read sed file back out until i put in the decryption key?



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No, you must mount it first with TrueCrypt, which means you need the password.

An alternative option is to use a PGP Variant. You can encrypt all kinds of stuff using the public key, but you need the private key (and thus, the password for the private key) to decrypt.

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The documentation for truecrypt is very good, easily some of the best I've seen in an open source project. While the answer to your question is most certainly in there, it's still ok for you to ask here.

Now that an answer has been given though, I'd still recommend reading the truecrypt docs in full - you may well find that it does something that you didnt know about that may offer the functionality you need (and then some)

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