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  1. haha thanks, i was actually talking about osx as an example. Currently i have a mbp (running osx & windows 7 bootcamp), i have a gaming machine (running windows 7) and a server (running ubuntu 10.04lts). i found this question on stackexchange that is trying to do what i am: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/2590/windows-7-dual-boot-virtualization-under-ubuntu-10-04
  2. Thanks for the input so far! i think running windows 7, with ubuntu running in it will be fine for most things. what im hoping to accomplish here is to have both OS's as bootable, but be able to access each other as a VM as well ( similar to OSX bootcamp + VMware). The reason is kinda strange, but on my mac, i like being able to use my windows VM to keep my steam updated, (fire on the vm, let steam run) in the background while im working on other things. but when it comes time to actually plan games (on my laptop) i boot into the windows partition. i guess what i want to be able to do is use a bootable OS partition for a VM, but still have it be bootable. Cheers -Andy
  3. Hey everyone, Im currently planning a new gaming/Development system. and i want to dual boot it. i need windows 7 for gaming, but i like to use ubuntu as my development platform for random projects. (i need a command line to code). i was wondering if there was a way to use VMware or Virtualbox (or any other vm) that will allow me to mount my non-active OS as a virtual machine (Similar to OSX Bootcamp, where you have a windows partition, but vmware can mount it as a virtual machine) i would like to do this because when im in each os, i can keep the other os up to date. currently im dual booting which is annoying because when i have to move to my ubuntu partition it takes a good 20 min to update before i can really do anything. and if im working on a project and have to go back to W7, it takes a solid amount of time to get steam back up to date. Cheers! -A --- Lets go ride bikes!
  4. Hey guys, I broke down and got the Drobo, while a raid card is more attractive but finding one that works properly with linux + my mobo is a pain in the ass. i will let you know how it goes Cheers -ADD
  5. This is why i want to have a HW raid controller card or drobo, because the HW card does the raid so i can migrate to a new PC
  6. But most raid5 cards cost the same if not more then a drobo?
  7. Hey everyone, I am currently trying to decide if i should pay for a drobo, or purchase a raid5 controller card. Right now i have 4x SG 1TB 32Mb drives (i updated the firmware, no worries). They are just being used as drives in my server. I want to get some redundant because i just had a HDD failure scare and would have lost all of my photography. The server is used as: Media hosting server (mediatomb, samba, ftp?), Backup server (rsync, Apeture, TimeMachine, CVS/SVN/GIT), also a linux sandbox for random projects. Here is my current setup. ASUS P5QL Intel 2.24 core 2 duo 4Gb Corsair DDR2 800 9600gt 500w PSU 4x Seagate 1tb 32MB Ubuntu 9.04 Raid 5: Pro: Faster(?) Full Disk Encryption? can expand beyond 4 drives Con: slower rebuild time more overhead(?) Drobo Pro: Portable (i can remove it and attach it to a separate pc) Easier to set up. Con: Linux support is in beta Only has firewire 800 Anything with (?) is something i am not 100% on. I am looking for suggestions for a RAID 5 card, my budget is ~ 350$. Thanks! -ADDAndy
  8. they have a huge security flaw? when you say you don't use them, do you just make them a dumb modem and handle your network with a router?
  9. ok 1) i was hoping to get the WEP wifi working like a fonera works, were it has a private wifi and then a completly seperate wifi that only gets the internet. 2) i define a good switch by low switching latency and good through put, and when i say 'i define' i mean 'the sysAdmin at work told me that is what to look for' 3) in most cases it will be standard video formats, i just wanted to know which has the best viewing experience when streaming off a linux based media server. 4) right now the 610N is in almost supported by DD-wrt. they don't have the dual band working yet. 5) sorry i should clarify that question. 5 new) Would it be easier to set up the Guest wireless network (the one that doesn't have access to any network resources, it can only access the internet) using a dlink product? Thanks!
  10. Hey everyone, I just bought a house and i have the benifit of not having tennants for the first month, so i have the time to set up a proper and awesome home network. there is a diagram of my network attached. Network Hardware: 2Wire Router: this is the broadband box that comes with my internet service. i want to run the open/WEP wifi off this router. i want this router to only be able to access only the internet, and nothing else on the LAN. it will be the guest wifi network, but should keep my actuall network sans virus. Linksys 610N: main firewall/router, broadcasting main wifi network (B & N) WPA2 personal. running DD-WRT (hopefully). Switch 1: this switch is for ethernet into the basement (3 personal computers, PS3, Xbox, 2 extra in media center area) Questions: 1) What is the best way to make the WEP-wifi network only able to access the internet and not any of the other LAN devices? 2) What is a good is a good 8port GigE switch? i was looking at an HP pro-curve 1400 8g but they are about 30$ over my budget for the switch (i want to spend 100 cnd) 3) Is the PS3 or Xbox a better platform for watching content stored on the media server (fed10 box)? 4) Is the 610N the best router? i am looking for 4 port gigE, wireless G/N simultanious Dual band 5) i have a bunch of extra wireless G equipment (some dlink, asus). would it be easier to set up the internet only guest wifi using one of these? Thanks Attention Deficit DINOSAURS!
  11. first some background we have a 'securities' 400 level comp sci class at my university (University of Saskatchewan). There is a project involved with this class, you can either right a report or do an experiment/proof of concept thing. because i suck at writing i am opting for the proof of concept. i was thinking of using a modified version of the U3 hacksaw and distribute it to the 'marks' after they complete a short survey on there electronic security habits. i want to modify the payload so that it does nothing malicious. the only thing i want the payload to do is report back to me something that could discern the user(mac address, static ip. something). What i would like to know is the legality of this and/or anything i could use to defend my actions? i would like to do this experiment but i won't risk my P.eng on it. Thanks guys -Andy
  12. ADDandy


    So i want to set up a nice little system with some encrypted drives using Truecrypt on a Linux machine. i was wondering if it was possible to write onto the encrypted drive without decrypting it? so i can leave the 20gb partition encrypted but still put files in it (lets say a download of my bank statement). but i wouldn't be able to read sed file back out until i put in the decryption key? Thanks Andy
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