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Man in a middle of attack problem.


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Ok,so i wanna sniff passwords on my other provate comp.

I have tryied many times but without success, ill explain the proccess that i did.

i wanna clear that im using xp os 32 bit.

ok so i found the mac adress and the ip of the other computer(so lame i know), i opened c&a search for mac adress and boom i found the the mac andress of the opther comp.

i chosse the sniffer and poisining and it start the process.

then i opend ethereal or wireshark samething and capture.

but i still can't get any password its driving me crazy.

all of the process in the stupid lan but i cant. :angry: :angry:

help:D;p. :rolleyes:

i wanna thank to everyone who try to help,and of course ive seen the epesode about that//

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Is the other PC you are sniffing accessing any password protected site? (If they are using SSL, chances are you won't see the password unless they have a flaw in their service) How about accessing email with theother PC while its being monitored. You should be able to see them since email(unless using secure password authentication) passwords are sent in plain text.

Just because you are monitoring the other pc does not mean its going to give you passwords. The other machine needs to be doing something that transmits the passwords while you are sniffing the traffic. Also, load wireshark as Cain does not find every password or information that you may want to look at, like IM chats and web pages someone may be viewing once they are already logged in(via cookies, so no password needed). You can use something like Ferret and Hamster to log into sites via session hijacking, or sidejacking as its termed.

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i tryied to log into gmail but im sure its with ssl and i tryied with facebook but it didnt work mm.

the firewall means the routher to my other conputer right?.

like the firewall is to

there is any option that i will upload a short video of what im doing,maby then it will be more clear?

its kinda comfusing

i dont know why but the aim command dosent work for me

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You should be able to ATLEAST pickup the passwords in Wireshark but not in cleartext.

Hashed. If you're running wireless, make sure YOU'RE not using Promiscous mode.

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well i can pick passwords in c&b,but i still can not understanding the traffic protocol.


I am in my comp as u can see,i wanna get the all of the traffic from,but i have to chosse my nic of chourse,the resuluts of course is that i see the traffic between me adn the internet(private net to public net)

and to the resond of a guy here that saied" if ur using wireless...",i mention that i wanna do it in LOCAL NETWORK.

another thing,is there any way to get SSL asswords,ive made some google searches and didnt find answer...


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