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LoRD contest


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the contest has been canceled. if you already donated then you have my sincerest apologies.

the contest has been canceled because i will no longer be able to deliver the promised prize. the bank has a transfer limit of 100k per day limit and i couldnt get it raised. it would take 10days to deliver 1 mil with the limit. so it would take well over a year to deliver the prize in full.

again im sorry if anyone had any thoughts of entering


(copied from the bbs post)

here is a nice little contest for LoRD Players. if you win you
get 300,000,000 gold sent to you. the rules are simple. donate at least $5 to hak5.
but theres a catch. you need proof.

whoever donates the most money to hak5(at least $5 or more) wins.
if there is more than 1 winner then the one who donated first gets the gold and
wins the contest. if the winner donated more than $10 to hak5 then youll get my
whole bank account(roughly 330,000,000 right now but goes up each day. and i may
get the seth able thing that doubles your bank account)

post on the forums in the topic i make saying that you donated and want the
prize. ill get confirmation from the crew of who wins.

there is a catch. your donation MUST be made after this is post.

and there is a consolation prize to this whole thing. since the minimum to win
the contest is $5 you get hak5 stickers weather you win or lose.

good luck to anyone who gives this contest a go. Hak5 FTW!

you do get your stickers. im not asking for donations in my name. just use the url hak5.org/stickers and make your donations. you get the stickers from your donation.

if you higher level LoRD players want to add to the prize for this just post here how much your willing to put forth for it and i will add it to the prize total. no its not rip-off from me. im not asking you to transfer it to me. ill tell you who wins when i get confirmation and you can transfer your gold to the winner yourself

this is the topic you post in. dont post if your just gonna be an ass about it lol


just checked my bank account. if the winner donates $10 or more he/she gets 384,104,780 as of this edit.


to clarify. this contest is legit and you will receive your golden(puns are fun) reward. if your confused how we will determine the winner heres how it works

when you donate through paypal your email is stored in a list the hak5 crew can view. everyone who enters will pm me the email they used. im going to compile a list of all of the emails and send it to hak5 crew members. they will find out who of the emails donated the most money as of the bbs's post. LoRD has a transfer function from the bank that allows sending of gold. i will use that to send ALL of the money in my bank account to the winner of the contest

the contest ends in 3 days. in that time i will probably have 400mill by then hopefully. and since i will send every last gold in my account to the winner(i have both the death sword and strongest armor. i dont need money) that will give you a death sword.

the contest ends on nov 07 08 at about 2:45 pm eastern standard time.

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sorry for double post. just a quick more important update. the contest is extended until further notice. i need to get in touch with the admin of the bbs before i can actually give the prize.

oh and the prize right now is about 428mil. i make about 20mil per day it seems. remember. my entire bank account goes to the winner which could be anywhere from 428mil to 999,999,999 (assuming thats the max) by the end of the contest

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Prize will be delivered per rules and discretion provided by RogueHart.


in that case then the contest ends in a week. the winner will receive their prize. the only issue is that the bank will only allow 100,000 gold to be transfered per day. so i guess the prize is 100,000 gold per day for a while to the winner.

edit: contest canceled. cant see anyone being willing to pay for just 100k per day. especially since i cant guarantee ill be able to send it every day

sorry guys

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