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Palm nuts help me out


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I just bought a Palm T|X running Palm OS 5 and i am looking for some cool free software for it. Maybe some fun open source stuff and wifi tools.

I already have a IRC client, TCPMP, and PalmVNC on there and running but not a whole lot else.

I am mostly looking for a good non adobe pdf reader, games, and whatever else you guys can come up with.

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I picked up a neat DVD cataloging software from that freewarepalm.com that is pretty cool. I have about a million DVDs so it will be nice to have a list of them with me all the time when i go to buy more.

I may end up using the AIM client but i am not much of an IM guy. Darren have you used upIRC for the palm? It's a very useable IRC client with either a wireless keyboard or the stylus keyboard. I was testing it in the Hak5 room yesturday to great laughs by the people in there for my stylus use.

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