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(C++) Need help with my keylogger

still learning

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I\'m building one now, it seems to work well so far, and it adds a registry so it should start with windows but it is not starting or auto running when windows starts.. also how do i change how big the log file can be?.. code posted below..


sorry code would not post got error "There is an error with your BBCode. It is possible that you have incorrectly used a tag such as [TAG] when it is meant to be used as [TAG=] or vice-versa." it would not let me upload to here

so here is the code on pastebin


also a little black dos window pops up for like half of a second when loading, how do i get rid of that completely for better stealth, this is my 2nd C++ project im a noob, thanks for your help in advance

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The code for creating the key looks good and it should work, but you have to double check the results.

Run your executable, then check your registry key:

1. Go to Run and type regedit.

2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

3. You should see a key named keylogger2.exe

4. The value of the key should be the absolute path to the executable, including the executable file name. For example, if you put the executable on the root of the C drive and the program is called keylogger2.exe, then the value of the key should look like: C:\keylogger2.exe

5. If all this is there, then when you restart your computer it should run automatically.

By the way... you might not wanna call your program "keylogger2.exe"... it is a dead give away...

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I appriciate your help. Honestly, you are the only person that offered help. I had others on site calling me "cracker" and such and would not help. I still would lke to figure out how to make it log to a 5 megabyte log file and retain it at that amount.. i tried the above, keylogger2.exe is a dead giveaway on purpose =) the real version will not look like that and I will share source of course with anyone that helps.

Compile the source and try it out for yourself, i will work on it later as I have a job interview tommarrow, or after that if you can program in c++ i would appriciate your help , thanks, PM me with the 411

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