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Hacksaw Not Working


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I can't create a hacksaw, I run the launch pad... but the files go.bat and send.bat are picked up by virus scan and deleted when I attempt to extract or copy them to the root directory. I try to edit the files withing the .zip the only options are open delete copy and cut. Can someone help me figure out how to get around this safely.

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which i futher want to add how to enable it and group polocies if you have no administrative powers like Acess 5 denied ! messages. How do you bypass these sort of things yeas you said if it was so r4estricted just run your home comp, but i know that I wanted to find a way through the walls !

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Im not sure if you posted in the right topic but i will refer you to this post, LINK.

Ask you domain admin. Domain permissions are controlled by the domain controller, all you would be able to do is give yourself local administrator permissions (which it sounds like you've done already)

If your policy has autorun off then your sol. I know that there was a VISTA related exploit that circumvented it but im not sure if that has been patched.

Other then that pop a HirensBootCD in there and change the password or create a new Admin account. Im not really sure what it is your are asking or what the system is you are trying to go after is

a.) running OS

b.) your permissions

c.) do you have U3 flash drive

d.) why is this not in the hacksaw topic?

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