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Recovery inside Ubuntu?


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Recently, my laptop received an update to Windows, just a normal Windows update. As usual, I let it install and reboot.

After rebooting, Windows complained in the form of around six corrupted file errors, that quickly disappeared.(closed)

I used chkdsk /f, as suggested, and too my horror, I was sent into an infinite reboot cycle. It was booting up, giving me a BSOD for less than a second, rebooting, and repeating the process.

Here is what I have tried:

1. Windows XP setup disc - recovery console. Status: Couldn't find the HDD... :blink:

2. Backtrack - Mounted, and I can see the data, but ntfsmount would not mount the partition. It said Windows had not shut down properly, and I needed to reboot, shut it down, and try again.

3. Ubuntu - Mounted read only. I can see the files, network, and everything I need, but this version does not contain NTFS3G(7.04 Feisty Fawn)

Now my question:

Is there any way to mount with read and write support without downloading the newest version of Ubuntu?

I would accept any help, and the only thing I can not do is a re install(company lappy...reinstall = firing)

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