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C++ 2008 Redistributable


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right click your project

click properties

click the C/C++

then click Code Generagation

then find Runtime Library choose Multithreaded

this will make it not dependent on dlls

and will make it very portable

i hope this is what you meant

I too share the same frustration as Reflux! That apps created in VC++ 2008 are dependent on the 2008 package when they really shouldn't be! You could code the same app in Dev C++ and it wouldn't have the dependency!

Why can't I find a "C/C++" or "Runtime Library" on my project properties?


I checked the whole tree view! Can't locate it!

Does it matter that my app is a Win32 GUI app? It shouldn't!!!!

This is the only thing holding me back from using VC++ instead of Dev! I like VC++ more than Dev, but I don't like using it with the dependency!

EDIT: ok I found the "C/C++" now! You have to add at least 1 .cpp source file to your project (I had just created a new project and hadn't done so yet)

However I'm still unsure if this is really the way to not become dependent on the package anymore!


I was going to change it to multi-threaded however, it was already selected! and dropping down the list to see the choices, there is only multi-threaded choices! ??

EDIT: OK i've just created a test console app which just prints something to the console when ran from cmd.exe... I build it as a release build changing the option to (multi-threaded /MT) the program successfully ran and spat out some text on a computer which does not have VC++ 2008 package installed or VC++ it self...

changing the options to (multi-threaded DLL /MD) made it not work! instead it said this program could not be executed! or something like that!

So thanks mouse! it really does work :P

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