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Karma problem

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Okay. Sorry it took me so long to get back. Dinner turned into what? It turned into a housecall to backup/reformat/reinstall a jacked up, over a year-old XP installation/troubleshoot a power issue with a video card on the same machine. Fun times. In any case, I'm keeping everything configured as in the last diagram that I posted.

Upon powering everything back up again, I lost the ICS configuration on the Atheros NIC. I'm assuming that's an XP feature (without extensive troubleshooting). Had to set it back up as in the diagram.

Also the IP of OpenWRT was DHCP'ed to Used Angry IP Scanner again to find OpenWrt's IP.

Once I was in the Der Jasager's web setup, I ensured I was in Blacklist mode, added OpenWrt to the SSID list, and started Karma, as per digininja's directions.

There was Zero foolishness with the Alfa card attempting to auto-connect to OpenWrt. Good times. Thank you digininja, sir! :lol:

Powered up the Mark and associated to one of the APs listed in the "View Available Wireless Networks" window. Ran ipconfig and pinged to ensure I was truly associated through Der Jasager. Fired up PuttyPortable and SSH'ed into to verify. All is good. I am now accessing the Internet from the Mark>Der Jasager>XPS M1330>WRT54G>so on.

From the time I got home to the time I had everything powered up, connected and verified - about a 15 minutes.

I am going to bed now, as I've spent about 6 hours installing and customizing my buddy's XP machine (I'm so nice).

My next step will be to replicate this current configuration, fire up Wireshark on the XPS laptop, and see what I can glean from the Mark while it checks mail, logs into sites, etc.

I really wanna thank digininja for squaring me away. This is pretty damn cool IMHO.

Be well.

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Hak.5 Fan,

I get what you are doing, but I understand how you have Jasager using DHCP and a GW set. I have tried multiple configurations and can't get users connected to Jasager the ability to access the internet.

Thanks in advance.

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Hold tight, good sir. I am in the middle of some hardcore testing. My goal is to be able to set this all up statically on Der Jasager, and "Atheros" (see my diagram). I should have something in before the end of today or possibly tomorrow.

I'm sorry, but all I can offer is to ask for your patience. I will post back ASAP.

Thanks mang.

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Okay. I've been at this for most of the day.

I almost had my write-up on how to set up ICS and configure Der Jasager's IP configuration statically completed but I'm running into a serious snag.

I'm linking to my write-up in .doc and .pdf format at the end of this post. Please understand that the guide Does Not Work Consistently.



- Edit 1029 14OCT09 -

Docs have been typo corrected

- End Edit -

I've been shutting everything down and bringing everything back up to verify that this setup works. The only thing that I changed is the DNS servers in the webif interface page. I removed and replaced it with the two that are delved out from my ISP. These changes have been saved and the Fonera has been powered off and on (several times afterwards too).

The problem I'm having is that inconsistently, from the "Mark", I do ipconfig /all and sometimes I'll get as my DHCP, Gateway and DNS Server, and sometimes I'll get for my DHCP, Gateway and DNS Server.

When I get, I can not access any web page in a browser. But, if I ping a web page's name from the command prompt (ping google.com) I get replies.

Like I said. Sometimes the method I'm trying to set up in the uploaded document works. Sometimes it doesn't.

In any case, the DHCP method still works, as in my earlier posts in this thread.

If anyone has any ideas, hit me back.

FYI - The only thing I tried configuring via SSH was to edit the /etc/dnsmasq.conf file with vi and added a line to the end that read dns server(s): dhcp-opton=6,IP_OF_FIRST_DNS,IP_OF_SECOND_DNS.

When that had no affect, I SSH'ed back in and removed that line.

Be well

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I was also testing some of this, but I was trying to have my laptop wireless connected to AP and then the F*n hardwired to my ethernet, passing through laptop to the internet, but truthfully your setup would be better. But if the F*n is wired via ethernet I don't need to attach my second wireless card.

I'll have to check out your docs tomorrow, thanks for your time, all of ya!

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Okay. I got it. In my best Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski voice, "My thinking about this case has become very uptight".

Just go in to the Network tab in the webif interface (http://192.168.whateverYouSetThe.LastTwoOctetsAs/webif.html)

Change "Connection Type" from whatever it's set to, to DHCP. You may have to do this a couple of times. From there:

"Type" = Bridged

"IP Address" = IPaddressYouWantDerJasagerToBe (in my case, that's

"Netmask" =

Save changes via the "Save Changes" button and the "Apply Changes" button

Power down Der Jasager

Power up Der Jasager

Voila! I tested this 10 times.

- Powered everything off

- Powered the ICS'ed laptop on

- Powered on Der Jasager and allowed the non-ICS'ed NIC on the laptop to associate to "OpenWrt"

- Fired up Firefox and browsed to

- Ensured that I was in "Blacklist" mode

- Added "OpenWrt" to the SSID list

- Enabled Karma

- Powered on the "Mark" laptop and it associated to one of the APs in the "View Available Wireless Networks" window

- Did ipconfig /all on the "Mark" laptop

IP Address =

Subnet Mask =

Default Gateway =

DHCP Server =

DNS Servers =

- Fired up PuttyPortable and ensured that I was indeed on Der Jasager.

Disregard most of the last write-up. I'll write another one and get it on the wiki.

Thanks, and be well.



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Okay. Here is the finished guide using the DHCP method. I tried adding this into the wiki, but I'm pretty lost there. The "Editing help" link leads to an entry that has one line of keystrokes. In any case, if anyone wants to add the guide into the wiki, that would be awesome.

Be well




Ne'ermind the request for help w/ the wiki. I got it straight. Thanks Darren and digininja.

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