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  1. It would indeed be a great idea because I'm missing PJ very much. Thanks a lot in advance !
  2. Hello MrDave2176, I can't access to your website but would like to download the last version of Pandor's Jar. Could you fix this ? Thanks in advance ! http://wildandbad.com:8080 http://wildandbad.no-ip.info don't work.
  3. I've answered your question here : http://www.hak5.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=15216#15216
  4. This feature would indeed be great ! But the difficulty is perhaps that you can't skip too much and that the program perhaps can't know when the skipping is disabled by Pandora... But if someone has an idea...
  5. To remove the station's name, the easiest way to do is to remove your email from the field "Pandora username". It won't use the station's name anymore.
  6. This last version of the pandora.jar file by Cooper seems to work without any problem. Thanks !
  7. It is very strange : everything was working for me. I put the 6th version of the pandora.jar file and after I didn't work anymore. I've replaced everything as before and it works again. Is the 6th version a bad version ? Here is a part of the log with 6th version INFO Thread-2 server.Server - processing url: GET /radio/TUNER_IGNORE/v1?lid=2109233&method=audioDownloadCancelled HTTP/1.1 INFO Thread-2 servlet.ProcessAction - processing static request. path: GET /radio/TUNER_IGNORE/v1?lid=2109233&method=audioDownloadCancelled HTTP/1.1 INFO Thread-2 servlet.ProcessAction - path = radi
  8. I'm using the MrDave2176 version of the file and it seems that, in this one, there is only one occurence of the string. But of course if there is two, one should change the two...
  9. My MP3 are saved in the same folder as before... Have you check the "default.properties" file ?
  10. It is very easy to correct the problem that occurs since the update of Pandora. 1) In the pandoragrabber.html file, find "https://www.pandora.com:443/radio/tuner_6_9_0_4.swf" 2) Change it into : "https://www.pandora.com:443/radio/tuner_7_0_0_0.swf" It will work again without any problem !
  11. I don't know how, but now it seems to work for me ! Here is my config : - Pandorajar beta 5, with the pandora.jar file replaced by the pandora.jar that Cooper sent afterwards (not the pandora_logging.jar) - Sun Java - Windows XP SP2 - Mozilla Firefox
  12. I approximatively looks like that on my computer, but I have Sun Java 1.5. Cooper, I admire your courage and determination.
  13. I doesn't resemble my situation. I forgot to say that in the status field there was this : HTTP/1.0 500 Internal server.Server Error Date: Thu Jun 08 12:30:21 CEST 2006 Content-Type: text/html Cache-Control: no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate, max-age=-1 server.Server: Pandoras Jar Connection: close unable to rip MP3 null
  14. Ok. I've deactivated the cruise control. When I clic on "grab it", it gives me that : INFO main client.Client - initing app INFO Thread-2 server.Server - running INFO Thread-2 server.Server - Welcome to Pandoras Jar INFO Thread-2 server.Server - Attempting to lauch on port 8085... INFO Thread-2 server.Server - OK! INFO Thread-2 server.Server - [ready, lets grab some MP3's!!!] INFO Thread-2 server.Server - localhost connected to server. INFO Thread-2 server.Server - handling request INFO Thread-2 server.Server - processing url: GET / HTTP/1.1 INFO Thread-2 servlet.ProcessAction - pro
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