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  1. i love itunes' podcast feature and how you can easily sync up your ipod with all your podcasts. the problem is, i dont have an ipod. well, since apple wants me to buy it's $300 version of my $200 Sansa e260, i want a program that can download podcasts (revision3, twit.tv stuff, fts, 4cr, tikibar, and of course, hak5) using rss feeds and (maybe; not required) put them on my mp3 player's drive whenever i plug it in. question: what program?
  2. i dont like WMP, it changes the mp3s i still seed on bittorrent :)
  3. i thought of the same thing barley :) im not at my pc now, but ill check it out when i get the chance. thanks tox EDIT: this works awesome. yay!
  4. im trying to make album art show up on my mp3 player, but it only seems to show it on mp3s with the art embedded (i know this because i have no image that could be used for my TWiT podcast mp3s, but theres album art right there.) im assuming this is done through ID3 tags, but i dont know how to put the cover art into the file. anyone have experience with this? thanks for helping a hackling out :)
  5. ok, in the settings i have F:/Phillip/My Music/ and in default.pref.. file i have F:/Phillip/My Music/ and now it saves em to F:PhillipMy Musicmp3FPhillipMy MusicGamefaceGameface-Four Chords, Seven Years.mp3 is there a way for it not to put them into the "mp3" folder? if there isnt, i might as well just save them to the default location and move them by myself.
  6. aight, another problem with ripping. (probly the one i posted before but now i know whats happened) i edited "default.properties" (like it says here) to say this: #uncomment the following line to set your preferred storage dir - u can change at at runtime if u want mp3.archive.path=F:PhillipMy Music tmp.mp3.retry.count=20 and i put "F:PhillipMy Music" in the field marked "Save Dir:" through the jar gui in firefox and saved. F:PhillipMy MusicPandora is my pandora directory, F:PhillipMy Music is the folder i want everything saved to, as in: F:PhillipMy Music%BandName%%Album%%song%.mp3
  7. oh cool, didnt know firefox could do that. thanks. EDIT: you can make the skins appear perminantly by moving the contents of the new skin folder into the default folder.
  8. argh, it's stopped ripping songs again :( "unable to rip MP3 null" oh and also, how do i switch skins? ive downloaded both milky and hak5 skins
  9. hey kewl, they put my batch idea in the official version :D
  10. thanks dave, this is exactly what im looking for. kudos :D@diecastblue ive never had to make the mp3 folder, it should do it by itself.
  11. I dont know much about making batch files, but could someone could teach me how to launch the jar, and open localhost in firefox with one shortcut. (or at least point me in the right direction?) thanks
  12. thanks dubby, but all i have is notepad2. :( hmm, could someone host the few files for the fix above for those of us who cant compile java?
  13. did you just now discover this? because my files have all the sudden stopped copying. "unable to rip MP3 null" and all.
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