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  1. What version of Pandora's jar are you running? Have you tried a clean install? Have you tried deleting all of your temp files? Do you have the relevant bits of your log? What version of FLASH are you using? We don't mind helping, but you have to give us something to work with.
  2. upload it to a webstorage like http://files.to or anything else The problem with that is that there is versioning to consider. It isn't the space (or the bandwidth either) it is someone who will keep track of which version does what and why. Also I like to see that the folks who make contributions are being recognised. Anyone can upload to those spots. In which case any joe blow could upload a corrupt or virused version and say it is an update. I'd like to think that if someone makes a clear commitment that they are hosting something (and can therefore be held liable) that they'd insure
  3. As a sidenote...this may help making sense of the whole. With the next release I suggest we start a new thread. Then each successive release will start a new thread after that. This may help cut down on a lot of the redundant questions, mixed versions and lost people. It will also mean having to un-sticky the old thread or locking them after they are done, but hopefully some of the hak5 admins will help us with that.
  4. As always, I am glad to host. I use 7.3.1 and it works fine for me. I am running Flash 8 and the latest Java on Firefox I did find that putting the jacob.dll in my system32 folder fixed the itunes stuff. I'll gladly forwared the src files to you barley!!! I have if it'll help. I am very new to Java and so may have made mistakes along the way. But hopefully this will help to make a cohesive whole of the mixes.
  5. Current releases (skins and such) are always updated in the N00b's guide and I have the most current versions and an archive of old versions on http://wildandbad.com/article/pandoras-jar
  6. I agree. That's why I use it as a timeshifting app. I shift a bunch of stuff while at work and then listen on the drive home and back on my ipod. I then synch when I get home and the ipod dumps everything that was on it. I am - admittedly - the likely exception to the rule. But that is why I support this app like I do. I get to discover new music, keep my last.fm up to date and occasionally learn new things (like Java programming for instance.) Even though I have never watched a single eppisode of the show (I know - sacreledge!) I am glad they did it since it brought me here.
  7. No problem. Flash 9 doesn't cache the files in the same place so they cannot be found by Pandora. If you have not dumped your cache then Pandora just keeps copying the same song over and over and over.
  8. Posted in the wrong place but answered in the N00bs Guide
  9. Actually what it needs is a seperate "forum" for it.
  10. Until this becomes a paying deal, it has to take a backseat to the job. There are still some things I'd like to get ironed out before a new release, and I've been trying to post them here. I had never done any Java programming in my life until I started tackling this project. I had done programming, just not in Java so it has been a learning curve for me. This is a ffairly easy project to work on since most of the hard stuff is done. Roll up you sleeves, and download the SDK and Ant. Plunge in with both feet. Trust me it has been educational and fun.
  11. Last.fm has changed it's site and so until i get the newer version up the lastfm bio lookup stuff is not working. here is the code for LastFmLookup.java with my corrections for the new last.fm for those who are self-compiling. package util; import org.xml.sax.SAXException; import org.apache.commons.logging.Log; import org.apache.commons.logging.LogFactory; import org.dom4j.DocumentException; import org.dom4j.Document; import org.dom4j.Element; import org.dom4j.io.SAXReader; import java.io.IOException; import java.io.UnsupportedEncodingException; import java.net.URLEncoder; i
  12. Contrary to appearances, English is my first language. :S
  13. same as mine and when i even pause the song so it dosent go to the next it will finally say it saved. When i go to play the song its a completely diffrerent song and its always 1.10 mb!!!!! pissing me off. i put cruise control off and do im manually around the middle/end of song. any ideas dave? I am not having this problem, so it is tough to say why it it is happeneing to you. Try turning off the cddb lookup and see if it is still doing it. Then I'd know what is where the problem lies.
  14. I figured out that last.FM has changed their sight ever so slightly . So that has broken all of the Picture, fan, and bio links. I've got it fixed, but I'll be putting in some other fixes to the skins files and I am looking at this 'recent' file' thing. you can look at that part for yourself. THis is in Mp3Processor.java public static void joinMp3s(List<File> mp3s, File lookinDir) throws IOException { LOG.debug("n***processing directory: " + lookinDir.getName() + "***n"); File[] files = lookinDir.listFiles(); sortFilesByLastModified(files);
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