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  1. Thanks, darthneo. I have 3.01 up and running now (had to re-install Flash Switcher, too). konfoo's creation lives again!
  2. A late thanks for the updates, Konfoo. Dunno if the avatar means you are a monkey master, or if you enjoy scaring the bejeezus out of primates... No matter =) I'm glad I wasn't losing my mind on the song title thing. I went through my archive trying to re-listen to some songs and got very confused =P Everything works great now. [bows formally out of respect for Konfoo]
  3. About my question on shutting the app down: Oh, there's an icon where? Wait... Oh. [DOH!] Mongo like candy =P
  4. nebster, I have to say I like how your app puts the songs in playlist folders. It's making it a lot easier for me to find what I listened to. On a side note. Not to sound completely stoopid. But, what is the preferred way of shutting this thing down when I'm finished?
  5. Nice =) Happy camper again =) It's been killing me (since Pandora Rip stopped working) to hear something once and not be able to recall it for a re-listen! Would there be any way to paste something here, or import something there, in your program.... I mean.... [ARGH].... Words! I guess what I'm asking is, could there be a way to make your app recognize the songs already on file? Ya'know, so no duplicates? Any way to update the file that handles what it downloads and what it leaves alone? I think it would be really great if the database/log file for this kind of app could be 'upgraded' with the lists from your other existing libraries. Man, I hope that made sense Thank you so much for posting your program!
  6. Definitely *not* just a FF3 problem. My tried and true, runs while I work install is FF2. No dice. I'm seeing larger (guessing MP3) files popping up in the Temp folder as per normal, but there ain't no snagging going on :( [laments lack of education] I wish I was a programmer and not just a 'tech'. I'd love to be able to figure these things out like konfoo.
  7. O.k., all. New problem. New install of XP (fully updated). New install of Firefox 3, Flash Switcher (FF set to Flash 8.0 r24), cache set to false in FF, cache set to Unlimited in Flash, and my Temp folder is not hidden and fully accessible (something I had to do before, so I went ahead and tried it when all else failed). Not quite sure why it's petering out. Latest Debug Log: Initializing Desktop Dir: C:\Documents and Settings\-------\Desktop\PandoraRip\ Application Data Dir: C:\Documents and Settings\-------\Application Data\PandoraRip\ Output Dir: C:\Documents and Settings\-------\Desktop\PandoraRip\ Temporary Files Dir: C:\DOCUME~1\-------\LOCALS~1\Temp\ Application Temporary Files Dir: C:\DOCUME~1\-------\LOCALS~1\Temp\PandoraRipTemp\ Monitoring Started 111 Scan(s) completed for 3 Temp Dir(s) 0 Total Tracks Ripped :( Any suggestions? Related note: For some reason PandoraRip stopped working on my other machine last week. I can't for the life of me figure out why. Nothing changed *except* an install of CS3. I double-checked all the settings (Flash Switcher included). No idea =|
  8. Working! :-D Full Admin Status enabled and golden. Thank you *very* much for the assistance. I'm still not sold on Vista. I think I'll stick to OS X, Ubuntu, and XP on my own machines for a while yet. Danke, again!
  9. I'll double-check the machine. I don't know :oops: 8.0 r24 and I haven't tried FF portable :oops: Danke :-) I'll try the admin change, then FF portable, then (if it's still not working for me) I'll post the logfile. Thank you so much for the help! I've spent maybe 10 minutes with Vista before this morning, so it's a bit different :!:
  10. Just tried to set P.Rip up on a Vista machine. Using Firefox. Using newest Flash Switcher (1.0.7, maybe?). Had to change permissions on Firefox folder so Flash Switcher would work. Now, P.Rip is scanning its little heart out, but it's not grabbing anything. Same settings I have on my XP machine. No grabby trackies Anyone else run in to this with Vista? Anyone have some insight?
  11. 1st: Konfoo, awesome job :-D 2nd: How exactly does the Grab UnCached Tracks work? I've got many many mp3 files that show as 8K (folder/file/album art structure is there, but mp3 is starved). Thought, maybe, grabbing uncached tracks just grabs everything but the actual mp3 (since it's not cached to be grabbed). If so, does this prevent the cached mp3 from being grabbed if it comes down the pipe later? 3rd: Maybe I've got something else going on? Anyone have a clue? This has proven an awesome way for me to give more attention to artists and songs I otherwise would have forgotten on first listen. I love the flexibility this app gives me. It's like making radio tapes again :grin:
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