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  1. THX...., my teacher´s sayed the same......, so for you I write now only in danish, then it´s really without a mistake...... Mr. Blowfly
  2. Hello guy´s, so I had the same same Problem as you all, in the last 4 weeks, I tested every variation of razors and Darkone´s P-Jar. And I had really all problems you read here on this board! Can not Rip/ can´t Catch/ Double tittel ect. I Do it with all versions of Flash, all versions of Firefox, all versions of installations usw. but with no success....., so i wanna go out and make my own "catch system", but where is the time for it..... :x I began to read ALL post´s here on board, and I find the problem if I read "between the lines" Why works the applet by some people, but not by
  3. Same Problems..... 1 - 5 files -> same sound but other title, and I think, thats no problem with reload, cause I see duplicate´s from the first download´s (can not rip mp3, and all other logs I read here) And it goes only 1 of ten times i look to pandora...... I tested FF 1.5, 2.0.01 - 11, flash 7 - 9 and all the variations i find on this board (and other´s) The Joke: it works (from time to time) only with FF (her you find enough post´s, that this can´t go.....?) Flash 8 So may be its a FF individual installationproblem? Tomorrow comes a new clean installation on a v
  4. Hello, to all Pandora Freaks, now I tested many Ripper, but only P-Jar, is the only, who gives me artist and title to the downloaded file. That realy great, if it works. So I find many postings with problems, but nobody who say anything about it; only "it´s work if you do it right", thats wrong! I tested the last 10 Day´s every version from 7. 3 to 8. 1. 1 and all possibilities (greasemonkey, flash-switch, Flash 9-8-7 usw. ) and I become allway´s the same Problem. 1. Band and song Info´s don´t work at any time 2. The "grab this track" funktion works only on 8. 1. 1 Not on 7.
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