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  1. THX...., my teacher´s sayed the same......, so for you I write now only in danish, then it´s really without a mistake...... Mr. Blowfly
  2. Hello guy´s, so I had the same same Problem as you all, in the last 4 weeks, I tested every variation of razors and Darkone´s P-Jar. And I had really all problems you read here on this board! Can not Rip/ can´t Catch/ Double tittel ect. I Do it with all versions of Flash, all versions of Firefox, all versions of installations usw. but with no success....., so i wanna go out and make my own "catch system", but where is the time for it..... :x I began to read ALL post´s here on board, and I find the problem if I read "between the lines" Why works the applet by some people, but not by all (ore the most :shock:)..... Now I tested a idea.... I make a new "virgin" installation of Vista with only Firefox and P-Jar from Darkone 8.1.1.... and what could I say -> It works I tested it now for one week for 24 hours, and in this time only 3 stops (=Flash find a script who makes you system slowly....., You wanna kill this script?) It runs with no Double Titel or to short mp3...., it works really wonderfull The only thing who wanna go /Sond and band information tell me "disabled" but I can live with it! Last.fm is in function history is in function CDDB is in function Cruise control and manuel is in function Reload is in Function I Do it with Vista Basic newest Java Firefox Flash 8.0 R24 Greasemonkey P-Jar 8.1.1 from darkone newest Zonealarm (that was tricky do do the right configuration in Zonealarm) but if you see how many programs wanna go to network, it is better to make one more hour, for a perfect firewall installation I don´t know what´s the problem on an older OS-installation, but on a Virgin System it´s WORKS!!!!!! I have enough Computers to say "never touch a running system", so it is now my Radio-PC..... I hope this helps more Pandora-Freaks......... Questions?????????? Ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. Blowfly
  3. Same Problems..... 1 - 5 files -> same sound but other title, and I think, thats no problem with reload, cause I see duplicate´s from the first download´s (can not rip mp3, and all other logs I read here) And it goes only 1 of ten times i look to pandora...... I tested FF 1.5, 2.0.01 - 11, flash 7 - 9 and all the variations i find on this board (and other´s) The Joke: it works (from time to time) only with FF (her you find enough post´s, that this can´t go.....?) Flash 8 So may be its a FF individual installationproblem? Tomorrow comes a new clean installation on a virgin XP-system, and if it not work .......... Then I wait for a good idea
  4. Hello, to all Pandora Freaks, now I tested many Ripper, but only P-Jar, is the only, who gives me artist and title to the downloaded file. That realy great, if it works. So I find many postings with problems, but nobody who say anything about it; only "it´s work if you do it right", thats wrong! I tested the last 10 Day´s every version from 7. 3 to 8. 1. 1 and all possibilities (greasemonkey, flash-switch, Flash 9-8-7 usw. ) and I become allway´s the same Problem. 1. Band and song Info´s don´t work at any time 2. The "grab this track" funktion works only on 8. 1. 1 Not on 7. 3/7. 4/7. 9/8. 0 3. It is like an Lottery on 8. 1. 1 , to grab it, and it´s really a file in the mp3 folder 4. If P-Jar 8. 1. 1 say "can not find any. . . . . . ", so it works when i uninstall flash and install Flash 8 new. 5. I was so happy, as i find the first right download after a flash reinstallation, so i tested it one night. On the next day are 90mp3 files in the folder but with same problem as i read here! The same file is 1-5 x with a different Artist and title saved. That´s crazy, I have no problem, if i to silly to install a program (shit happens), but that is the first time, I find a program who works like a women. . . You work hard for here, and sometimes she go out with you, it costs a lot of time and money, she make you horny and lucky joke´s with you and in the end you sleep alone. . . . I write now my only working configuration ( but with 1-5 same file´s) XP Prof DE, SP2/Firefox 2. 0. 11/Greasemonkey/Flash 8/ Tor-privoxy-vidalia (i live in europe) and P-jar 8. 1. 1 It is possible that it´s works only with an american XP (program Files/programme)? Mr. Blowfly
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