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  1. Hello again konfoo, I was wondering if there was any news on the problem I've been having where not every track that passes through the player is parsed correctly even if the sniffer is active and the uncached tracks option is checked. The only thing I'm not doing as per your recommendations is running vista x64 and not xp. Cheers
  2. I that case I am definitely missing tracks - and they all seem to be the ones that end up as the plugtmp-nnn files for some reason. So here's some lines from my debug log. Initializing Desktop Dir: C:UsersTomDesktopPandoraRip Temporary Files Dir: C:UsersTomAppDataLocalTemp Application Temporary Files Dir: C:UsersTomAppDataLocalTempPandoraRipTemp Monitoring Started 118 Scan(s) completed for 2 Temp Dir(s) 0 Total Tracks Ripped :( Copied & Tagged "Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf (Live).mp3" Scraped Genres: hard/heavy/rock/pop Copied & Tagged "Judas Priest - Private property
  3. Hello there, Yes I get this problem as well. I'm not a techie but this is what I've found. If you need to find your temp folder use the search function in the windows start menu and search for temp on your C: drive. There'll probably be several but the first temp folder it finds usually is the right one. Open up the folder. If you do this while pandora is running you'll see a folder named plugtmp if you've chosen the right one. Pandora stores some of the temporary mp3 files in this folder as numbered files (like 0164827263029409) without any file extension. It stores the other temporary mp
  4. Sorry if I sound a bit thick but I'm a bit confused now. When you say "largely irrelevant since all tracks are located now" do you mean even the ones that end up getting named plugtmp are located or perhaps shouldn't they be getting named plugtmp? I've ticked the grab uncached tracks check box but the ones that end up as plugtmp files never materialise. Or did you mean all tracks are located except for the ones that end up as plugtmp? I've noticed that if you rename the plugtmp files manually as .mp3 files they'll play. Would there be anyway of automatically renaming these files as .mp3 and
  5. Hello Konfoo, Yep, I've been running the new version for a while and it certainly does rip all the tracks in the plugtmp folder now without exception. Superb. All we need now is to be able to rip those pesky file outside the plugtmp folder and this will be the ultimate pandora rip application! Cheers.
  6. Yes, this seems to be the same on my 'puter. None of the plugtmp-1 et al files that are outside the plugtmp folder get ripped. Also, a few of the numbered files in the plugtmp folder don't get ripped either. Are these unripped numbered files in the plugtmp folder the "missing files" that will be fixed in the next update? Cheers.
  7. Hello Konfoo, This is a great little application and I think it has real potential. I love the way it rips the files before they get played and better still - it has no problem correctly ripping and naming files when I change stations unlike PJ (is there a fix yet for this issue with PJ yet btw?). I'm having similar problems as other users seem to be having regarding some files in the plugtmp folder not be ripped. I've monitored the files sizes to see if they get ripped but some just seem to slip through the net and there doesn't seem to be any pattern to it. Also, any files outside t
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