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  1. The reloading problem has been there all along. There was this guy on some forum who claimed to have a fix for this in the HTML code of the pandoragrabber.html file. When I find it, I'll post it here.
  2. Thanks man! You saved me alot of work of finding out how to compile the project to a jar file. Already had installed SDK, but didn't know yet where to go from there :)
  3. Were they using these new filenames yesterday aswell?
  4. Dunno how this amazing hack works, but if it's looking for files named as they were named before (cache-x), that might be the point where it goes wrong now. If that's the problem it could maybe be fixable by checking new tempfiles by creation date, the newest being the one that just started playing in Pandora..
  5. Thanks for your reply, but I have been trying this for at least 4 hours and the log keeps growing with the same error. "INFO Thread-2 util.Mp3Processor - access file not found trying again after 1 sec "I tried both ports 8080 and 8085 . Pandora plays fine but the rest is only watching, even it reads "grabMp3() complete" on top 2nd row :/// Cruise control reads "fetching ID3 information and tagging MP3 for artist (A.I.) song (Bottoms Up)...." but it restarts when it skips to next song. This is company network and we have firewall, do you think this may cause the problem? Goban: same proble
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