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  1. It's already released...sort of. See the PM I sent you. No problem to release it here but don't think that makes sense until it's fully localized.
  2. Seems the "solution" is to close PandoraRip after defining the new destination then restart it as mentioned a few posts ago. Is there a shutdown period for the snifferwhich lasts longer than the GUI? No I made a "portable" package using portable firefox 3.01 and want to carry it on USB Memory. My hope is to use a relative destination directory so PandoraRip would save to a folder on the USB device regardless of the letter assigned by the host PC. At least, that's the idea... Sure is nice to ahve this working again. Thanks.
  3. Works great. Thanks. I have some requests about destination folders. 1) PandoraRip makes a folder named "PandoraRip" on the desktop regardless of the output folder specified in the settings tab. It should only make the destination folder where that setting specifies if the folder does not exist. Would you please check that part of the flow? 2) Am I correct that the destination folder path cannot have spaces? "D:\Pandora Rips\" does not seem to work. Is that a related bug or what? Please enable spaces if possible. 3) Would you enable local storage of settings.ini, id3v2.dll and defaultcover.jpg? PandoraRip is forcing them in the Application Data folder. Great to see the new releases, especially given the net broadcasting fee garbage that is going on now. Thanks, again.
  4. PandoraRip is not saving anything for me. I see the log and it appears to be sniffing properly but no files are saved. The EULA box is checked. It created a folder at C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorDesktopPandoraRip. Both IE and Firefox have been tested. Is there a specific browser or flash version which must be used? What could be the problem?
  5. I've tried moving the pandora folder into Program Files. That won't work. There must be some hard links. Would someone please tell me where to find these so the app can be moved? Secondly, it would be nice if there was a setting to save retrieved files based on station name. I suppose the hierarchial setting would be subservient to station. Personally, I don't use the hierarchy setting but noticed it was a mess to sort Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby Christmas songs from the sme directory which was full of metal. I'm guessing other people will also have multiple Pandora stations which have very different character. Kudos to you, guys. This sure has come a long way from the manual installation of a few months ago. :P
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