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  1. Hey guys I have watched the show for a very long time now and this was the one thing that really caught my eye when it first came out but I had no use for it. . . until now. I have a few questions, I hope you guys can help me because some of this stuff is really confusing me :( Okay so I downloaded the USB Hacksaw source and started to play with it but I am not exactly the best in C++ so I can't exactly manipulate it as I please for my use. You see I am apart of the IT department at my work place and we have stated in our agreement that users who use our network will not damage it, abuse their rights, bring inappropriate files to the work place and put them on their home folders etc, as well as stating that we have the authority to monitor their external devices they bring into the workplace, are allowed to prevent them from bringing certain files into the work place etc (Windows Server 2003 R2 takes care of that), etc. They all sign this agreement and are shown this agreement every time they log into their workstation. Once they log in they MUST click 'I agree' to agree to our terms, once they do it unlocks their computer and they can get on with the job (like the Novell login setup). ANYWAY, I want to be able to install this on all of our workstations BUT I want to be able to get it to do the following: - only copy SOME filetypes, such as . docs, xls, ppt, etc (for backup and monitoring purposes as we have learned that people tend to bring innappropriate material to the work place within these sorts of documents and while we need for them to use the whole office package, we can't block them from putting what they like in these files that they bring from home) - Instead of emailing the copied data, everything that is copied is sent to a central directory on the server (serverUSBLogs for example) which is determined by a config file that is ON the server, which all of the clients link to from the workstations they are on (they all read the same config on the network) - Now with the copied documents that save to the USBLogs folder, I want to be able to index the copied files properly so instead of having them all copied to dated folders, they will copy to folders that are named FIRSTLY but the users login name, then they will save in folders within that which are named by date and time (e. g. serverUSBLogsJohn Doe09082007-0100) the 0100 being 1am, military time as you can't exactly put the time in as 1:00am. EDIT: I forgot to add this, I would also like to be able to 'cap' how much it will copy from an external source but would be able to manipulate this cap in the config file. 2gb at the moment for flashdrives seems to be the maximum over in my workplace so that would be very good to have. These are the main three problems I need to solve and I have no idea how to solve them. Any help or compilations that any of you have done yourself would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time
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