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  1. Yeah, I solved it by following iriebs post above. The problem is that pandora_jar is looking for the TEMP directory, but the actual files were getting saved to a TMP directory(TEMP vs TMP). As per iriebs instructions, I typed SET TEMP=%TMP% prior to starting the pandora_jar app. It worked fine after that.
  2. Quick question... Is there a way to change the 15 second lead time before saving the MP3? Maybe by manually supplying an argument or something? I'm asking because, sometimes, with some songs, you've gotta hear more than 15 seconds to decide if you like it or not. I'm finding songs that start with some kinda intro and don't even really get started until maybe 30 secs or a minute into it. It'd be nice if I didn't have to go back and delete the MP3 that got created after 15 seconds.
  3. Here's what I get: The C: temp directory does exist, however there's not a plugtmp dir in it. BUT... I have an env varable called TMP, which points to different temp directory. That directory DOES have the plugtmp dir. Here are the details:
  4. Flash Version = 8,0,24,0 I'm not sure what you are saying about %TEMP%. Do you mean to type this is a DOS window? 'Cause that doesnt work. I did however type SET and saw that my TEMP environment variable was set to C: TEMP. But I dont think this is what you were talking about. Please elaborate. Thanks...
  5. Seems to get started right, but it's not creating the MP3 files. Here's the message I get. Any ideas?(And yes, I'm using Firefox)
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