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  1. I finally seem to have got it working. I deleed the plugtmp /-1 and -2 files in temp along with all other elements of the program and reinstalled. This seemed to do the trick. Many thanks for your patience. Wade
  2. Im still habving difficulties too. The TEMP=TMP did not seem to be the issue for me. When i first started the program it managed to record 6 songs butnotyhing since I have a pmtmp file infact 3 of them in my TEMP directory (I instlled the program twice and unintstalled two copies could havthat have something to do with it? My lateset Log says: server.server - No enum const class enums.FileType>ICO any idea what that means? Wade[/img]
  3. Other 99 - does tjhat meann your earlier - not recording problems have been solved? I was able to record 6 songs then since then its not saving anything. :cry:
  4. I have the same problema s other99 6 songs have copied to the mp3 file but after that nothing seems to be being copied
  5. Hi this looks like a wonderfully useful app -if only I could get it to work. I've now run the pandora.jar and gotten the screen saying lets grap some music. However when i try typing the http://localhost in Firefox I just get the message Unable to conect. Firefox cannot establish a connection to the server at localhost. Hopefully Im doing something trivial wrong?/ Any idea what? I noticed an earlier posting re flash 8+ I have probbaly got the latest version of flashplayer installed, (not sure how to tell) is this an issue? Wade
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