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  1. Doing field surveys for a rural WiFi network……..
  2. Sorry everyone, I should have thought more about this. Hak5 came up in my Facebook feed and I thought it may offer something for my project. In hindsight there is probably a better way to go and I am researching a few things. Anyway, thanks for the replies……will keep working on it 🙂 Cheers, Jack.
  3. Sorry, Normally, I setup a router as a stand alone unit with WiFi antenna. Then I use a WIN10 Tablet with an external WiFi adapter running Netspot software to look at the signal from the standalone router. https://www.netspotapp.com https://wirelessgear.com.au/dovado-tiny-ac-universal-access-router/ The software displays the various parameters of signals it receives. All I want to do is simplify the system as a go/no go test, that is I either receive data or I don’t. One end of the test set up is portable so I can do range checks with various types of antennas. Using a Hak5 product in either the ethernet or USB port of a Dovado router to send a data payload , that I can simply read the incoming wifi signal data at the other end, on a tablet PC with a connected Dovado router.
  4. Hi Everyone, i have a couple of problems in working with my WiFi project. Firstly, WHICH Hak5 product do I purchase? The Mission: I am doing WiFi range testing in a rural environment with all sorts of antenna hardware. Using Dovado routers, I need to get something from the Hak5 product range that I can plug into a router and simply have it spew text data out of its WiFi and I simply wander about with another router bring that raw text onto a terminal program screen…….while I am in range, data will be received, when out of range I simply lose it. So, do i send the data via the Ethernet Port OR via the USB port, to be transmitted over WiFi from the host router? I guess a simple script file could be run in the Hak 5 to generate the dat payload for WiFi transmission? Any ideas appreciated Cheers, Jack (a total newbie)
  5. My name is Jack, I am of the lowest intelligence to ever hack anything 🙂 I can break into any computer, depending on the size hammer I have!! My experience is with radio communications, WiFi hardware, HF Digital Radio etc. A user of Windows and Mac O/S etc. I have a simple task for a product I need to help me in WiFi range testing etc……. Cheers, Jack.
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