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  1. I've spent about an hour in a metro with PineAP in active mode, and internet input. It was about 5-13 different clients connected at any moment. some of them for 20 minutes. I've collected huge list of SSIDs and MACs. 40 minutes of watching on the HTTPeek. "sniffer enabled. listening active". And there is nothing in HTTPeek. No URLs, no images, no cookies. What is my mistake?
  2. Do you see the difference between "Hey, you can use my collection of stuff, i've united in this toolpack. Just check if firmware is compatible. I'm not responsible for any damage" and "We are Hak5. And this is our best product for all types of Wi-Fi pentesting. All tools are accessible with one click in a menu" ? Internet is full of thing of the first type. We'd like to see the second one. The one and only 😍
  3. I've got some tools like python scripts and popular Kali-software. All this stuff is supported and well known. Like https://github.com/drygdryg/OneShot I've spend many time trying to automate all of this, and i have a result. Not perfect, but good enough. I don't think that I'm pro - so I'd like to get similar tools made by the true experts - hak5 team. And I'm agree to pay $$$ for that sweet candy. And your answer is - "repeat your way again to help us. We are not going to do that for you, dude."
  4. Hi. I can't agree with you. If you are making your product just for expert-surrounding of Silicon Valley - maybe you're right. However, your stuff is working all around the world. There are so many places where WPA2 is not in use. Open wifi networks without separating clients, weak passwords, unexperienced PC users. Even smartphone is a part of luxury. So Karma, SSLStrip, Pixiedust, Evilportal, bruteforce, non-professional phishing - everything is still useful. Think like your clients, not like your friends. Give us more modules, pls. 🙂
  5. I've recieved my MK7 yesterday. Spend about 12 hours with it. I was waiting for that stuff for about couple of years. I've paid 100$ for item and 100$ more for delivery. I love that thing from the dark interface to thick usb cable and pineapple stickers. However.. my item seems very unstable for me. On 1.0.2 firmware actually. 1.0.1 wasn't fluctuating. Probably the reason is - i just don't understand what it's doing right now. Initial setup. "push button once, to disable wifi..." You know that sometimes it goes to "disabled" mode even with button holded more that 5 seconds?
  6. You trying to use latest update on a new device. Try lower version. With the same error on 1.0.2 and 1.0.1 - 1.0.0 worked well for me. And the i've updated it.
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