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  1. I believe it is pretty much that way out of the box. I left mine running and went for a war walk, 530 ssid's later and they all automatically respond with the portal when you try to connect. I would suggest not using that many ssid's...... I struggled to get back to the manager connection. Worth the test though. Means when pen-testing you can use more than one ssid (say an open version and staff locked version that most places have now) for testing.
  2. I opened the module in another tab on my browser. This seems to work no problem and will grab the data. I did it whilst typing this out and have caught POST data for my router login (only http site I visit.......)
  3. It's taken me a day to get this up and running. But I can't see any direct help on getting this started. So here's the way I have run it to a successful(I'm getting the unauthorized error mentioned previously, but I'll look into that later) point. If you are testing this module out for the first time and getting zero results like I was, makes sure your test device is not connected to the pineapple at all. Activate your chosen portal -> start the web server -> start the module. Then connect your test device to the open AP you are running on your pineapple. I used a mobile and within seconds the authorize option came up and I was taken to the custom google login by kbeflo. Great work on getting this onto the mkVII.
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