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  1. JoshM

    red led

    its the one thats sent with it. I just used the quick format on windows.
  2. JoshM

    rubber ducky

    new sd card 2gb+ fat32 format. fixed my issue.
  3. JoshM

    red led

    Definitely try a new SD card. My duck is alive!
  4. Yep... Im retarded thats all so flustered from trying to complete multiple projects I overlooked the obvious. I appreciate the help in this and the rubber ducky forum. Gonna try a new SD on the duck and see if maybe just maybe that does the trick.
  5. Anyone else get this message when they go to management tab? Whats the fix?
  6. Missed this part. Favorite game: I used to like counterstrike and Call of duty. Been playing warzone as of recent.Favorite OS: KaliFavorite console: XboxNationality: AmericanAccent: midwest... boring flat accent.Sex: MaleRace: WhiteHeight: 6Build: not muscular but not skinnyFavorite band: alestormFavorite book: hero with a 1000 facesFavorite author: Joseph CampbellFavorite movie: RundownFavorite TV Show: Im a weeb... theres a lot to listOther hobbies: FPV drones, gaming, cars, and guns.Car: BMW 335i modded of course 😉Occupation: Marketing, and full time student
  7. Hey everyone. Brand new to IT/hacking so bear with me when I ask some really stupid questions. I start my security+ class in december and hope to obtain an oscp and ceh shortly afterward. Got out of the military and thought I was going to college to fly helos... up until they dropped the program when I was halfway through information security seemed like fun. Id love to find a job doing pentesting once Im finished. Kinda sucks starting over. I miss Afghanistan. Are you near the big stinky pond?
  8. JoshM

    red led

    Havent been able to format anything. it wont even go into DFU mode. Kinda thinking I got a busted unit.
  9. JoshM

    red led

    I dont mean to come off smug but thats literally the first thing I did... then went to google then came here. using the new injection.bin did nothing same results reformatting the card.
  10. JoshM

    red led

    Im having the same issue. Ive tried everything. anyone good at getting these set up?
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