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  1. any kind of tutorial on how to create custom portals with custom inputs and outputs and such? do I need to learn PHP? I know html but have never created a portal that asks for password or username and then do something with it.
  2. I still havent figured out how to get my alfa work. same as you, it sees it in lsusb but no place to choose it for anything. I would also like to have schematics and knowing which antenna is which wifi. I can manually disconnect antennas and see which radio gets bad signal but Im lazy
  3. I tested it with kali and works great, better than AWUS036ACH which doesnt work with kali at all. and it seemed like doing something in pineapple except there is no way to choose it for different tasks. so unless they add the feature which you can choose any radio for any task I guess you wont get any benefit
  4. wifi pineapple mark vii has lots of issues. hopefully a new update comes in and fixes everything. Im also trying to figure out if its possible to assign radios to different tasks like how Darren says in the promo video. plus I connected a 5G radio to it, and its one of the radios they recommended, and cant get anything out of it since I cant choose what radio I want to use for different things. then I created a campaign as a test and now cant get rid of it. you would think after mark 6 which was dual band they would 3 dual band radios here, but its only 2.4G, and you have to buy another radio for 5G, its a little rushed I feel. hopefully it gets better, so far Im mainly using my tetra and nano and mark7 as my experimental.
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